Positive Energy Alternatives, LLC
A Renewable Energy Company
Our mission is to be the industry leader in developing, owning & operating Biogas Energy Parks, comprised of Anaerobic Digesters & gas upgrading systems, throughout the US. We will use the latest technologies in anaerobic digestion & advanced process controls to create some of the most efficient waste to energy facilities in the US. These Digesters will convert biological materials such as livestock manures, food processing waste, agri-industry waste, slaughter house wastes, & crop residues into renewable energy as well as using the latest technologies in biogas upgrading to create a flow of biomethane into the natural gas pipelines that feed US industries & homes. Our portfolio includes the development, owning & operating of Solar Energy Farms in WI and MN. We are planning the installation of a 1.8MW, a 3.5MW and 10 @ 500kw commercial solar systems in W. WI and MN. A 2.5 MW company-owned system is planned for W. MN.

Contact Information
Email : info@posengalt.com
Phone : (715) 664-6162
Address :
P.O. Box 11
WI - 54751